Revitalizing the essence of your space can feel like an overwhelming task, but it need not be so. Yearning for an interior design that harmonizes with your distinct style and functional needs? Your search ends at Melissa Klebanoff’s bespoke full-service interior design, a well-regarded beacon of style in Sun Valley and across the splendid West Coast.


Breathing Life into Spaces


Understanding the unique rhythm of your space forms the bedrock of Melissa’s design philosophy. With an eye for detail, she carefully observes the layout of your room, weaving in architectural features and household needs into a design that is as practical as it is aesthetically enchanting. 


The Art of Lighting


Lighting, often an unsung hero in interior design, receives its deserved prominence in Melissa’s designs. From appreciating the nuances of natural light to determining the optimal placement of artificial light sources, she masterfully creates an ambiance that resonates with your personality. Her expertise also extends to incorporating smart lighting systems that effortlessly adjust to your mood.


Crafting an Aesthetic


Melissa’s keen understanding of your personal style breathes life into your space. She considers elements like scale, proportion, and color, ensuring that your furniture selections are not just beautiful, but also functional. Collaborating with custom furniture makers, she is able to create one-of-a-kind pieces that echo your style and fit your space perfectly.


The Collaborative Spirit of Design


Collaboration lies at the heart of Melissa’s full-service interior design approach. She accompanies you on every step of the journey, from the initial consultation to the final installation, breathing life into your vision. Your needs and preferences are heard, respected, and integrated into every decision, backed by Melissa’s guidance and expertise.


The Sun Valley Advantage: Full Service Interior Design with a Local Touch


Nestled in the heart of the West Coast, Sun Valley is a region of unparalleled natural beauty. Melissa Klebanoff Interior Design draws inspiration from its breathtaking mountain landscapes, vibrant arts scene, and modern aesthetic to create unique and stylish interiors that echo the region’s character.


Informed by her deep understanding of the local context, Melissa uses local materials and design elements to give your space a distinct personality. Whether your heart seeks the warmth of a cozy mountain retreat or the sleek elegance of a modern urban space, Melissa and her team can bring your vision to life.


Transforming Spaces: The Journey of Full Service Interior Design


Transforming your living space into a reflection of your style and personality is a thrilling journey. With Melissa and her team, this journey is an enjoyable and stress-free experience. They begin with an in-depth consultation, understanding your lifestyle, your design aspirations, and your budget constraints.


Working closely with you, the team crafts a design that reflects your style and personality, guiding you through the selection process for materials, furniture, and accessories. From color schemes to lighting, every element is carefully considered and executed.


The process culminates with the team overseeing the installation, ensuring that everything is placed and arranged perfectly. In the end, you are left with a living space that is a beautiful, functional embodiment of your unique style and personality.


Why Choose Us: Experience the Benefits of Full Service Interior Design


Choosing Melissa Klebanoff for your Sun Valley or West Coast home offers an array of benefits. Her team is dedicated to understanding your needs, preferences, and budget, and they handle every aspect of the design process from start to finish. Your space will be a reflection of your unique style and personality, and you’ll have the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re in the hands of seasoned professionals.


Embarking on Your Design Journey


Ready to transform your space with Melissa Klebanoff’s full-service interior design? It all begins with a simple step – contact us.

Schedule a consultation today, and we’ll work with you to create a customized plan that meets your needs and budget. With Melissa’s full-service approach, you can trust that every aspect of the design process will be handled with care and expertise, resulting in a beautiful and functional space that reflects your unique vision and personality. 


Begin your journey with us today, and see how our full-service interior design services can transform your space into a true reflection of your vision and personality, whether you’re in Sun Valley or anywhere on the West Coast. Experience the magic of personalized design with Melissa Klebanoff Interior Design.